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Slip DKL Mobile, advertising technology for mobile websiteTry some special mobile ad format with DKL Mobile, adnetwork dedicated for mobile website
A monetization
platform for
your mobile website
Dkl mobile analyze
the user situation…
indice de connexionrepérer les connexions 2G, connexions 3G, connexions 4G, connexions Edge, connexions Wifi pour adapter les formats publicitaires et respecter le mobinaute
Connection performance
mobility indexcheck if the mobile user is walking, driving, is cycling, more or less faster, or if the user is in its sofa to adapt adverting mobile format and respect mobile users
Mobility index
screen resolution indexthe type of screen and its resolution to adapt adverting mobile format and respect mobile users
Resolution index
… to have a
smart delivery
optimized mobile format, gif, video, image, .png, banner or interstitial dependent of the context
the more lifetime value user,
the more value for the publisher
easy, isn’t it ?
Start the
best advertising
mobile experience
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